Decentralized Ride Sharing
App (Uber on chain)

Beta available on the
App store

Beta release of WeGo is available on the App store. Production release should be ready by the time we are granted permission from local authorities to start operations.

WeGo Token Sale
has started

WeGo is the leading Decentralized ride sharing application.

Low fees

Using blockchain technology, WeGo will be able to significantly reduce the fees currently being charged by leading ridesharing companies.

Fair Fees

Based on decentralized market place, driver and clients will be able to bid and ask for their desired fees.


Once WeGo is a fully decentralized App, user data, including location, history, and favorite places, will all be encrypted and accessible to the private key -holder only.

Real-time Return on investement

WeGo token holders are entitled to commissions from every ride, for providing the initial seeding to start the project.

Real-time Market Activity Returns

Holders of a minimum of 1000 tokens, are entitled to a TBD discount on all rides.

Fixed Supply

WeGo Tokens will not be reissued, thus, ensuring a stable store of value on exchanges, protected from inflation.

WeGo's Lineup

Under The Hood

Phase 1

Hybrid Architecture

Ethereum blockchain is still at its early stages. Currently, it reaches max capacity at around 6 transactions per second, compared to tens of thousands of transactions per second for major stock exchange. Decentralized platforms still have a long way to go to support decentralized applications. For this reason, we will building our application on hybrid architecture for phase one. And then switch to full on- chain design when the underlying blockchain scalability allows for it. In this phase, we will rely on off- chain server to handle computationally- intense business logic, like matching drivers and perform all payment transactions on- chain.

Phase 2

Fully Decentralized Application

In this phase, all business logic, and data storage will be on- chain. Depending on the development of the blockchain infrastructure, an oracle may be required in order to ensure instantaneous response. While our team is already working on fully decentralized ridesharing application, this application will not be usable on a large scale with the current network capacity. We will seamlessly and gradually move to a fully decentralized application with the improvement of the blockchain infrastructure.

Meet The Team

The WeGo core team has known each other for over a decade. Most of the team graduated from the same prestigious university with degrees in engineering, mathematics, and computer science. Highly accomplished as individuals and as a team, they have together overcome major technical and business hurdles to achieve success.

Michael is a business-oriented software engineer with over ten years of experience in backend development and distributed architecture. As a Senior Developer of our blockchain solution, he is building and coordinating the core functionality of WeGo.
Michael Arbach
Michael Arbach

Blockchain Architect

Long has a background in financial services and financial engineer, his experience is invaluable to design the token economy of the platform. Long hold a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.
Long Hoang

Finance Lead

Kumar has over a decade of experience as a System Engineer at IBM. With his solid technological background and strong coding skills, Shashi is leading our Ethereum nodes, and web3 integration.
Shashi Kumar

Automation Engineer

Kirill holds a Ph.D in mathematics with his research focused on optimization and scalability. He is designing and implementing stress testing for the platform.
Kirill Golubnichii Ph.D

Software Developer

George is an experienced front-end engineer with broad skills and considerable experience. He is known for his well-performing, optimized mobile apps. George is directing his creative energy to leading the mobile app development for WeGo.
George Arbash

Front-end Engineer

Advisory Board

Vladimir is a well-published, business-driven computer scientist who holds a Ph.D in astrophysics. He has early interest in blockchain and vast academic and business connections.
Vladimir Gverdtsiteli Ph.D